IBS Part 2: Neurogastroenterology

While IBS is not considered to be as severe a condition as inflammatory bowel disease, it certainly remains a complex one. If we dive into the medical history books from the 20th Century alone, we find that the thinking of gastrointestinal doctors and scientists went through quite an evolution. Their observations of digestive function started… Continue reading IBS Part 2: Neurogastroenterology


These are the hypothetical questions that are posed for myself during and because of meditation: Can you stand to be alone? Not just physically by yourself, but away from the noisy voices in your phone, on social media or on the web?
 Can your stand to be alone with your thoughts?
 Can you stand to… Continue reading Meditation

Shen Ming

For about 20 years, I have been a student of martial arts. As of 2014, I am an 8th generation Hebei style Xingyiquan practitioner, student of Jackie Yao Wu Hu. Xingyiquan, loosely translated as “form-intension fist,” is one of the three Taoist soft-style (what does this mean?—define), internal martial arts—the other two being Baguazhang and… Continue reading Shen Ming