Shen Ming

For about 20 years, I have been a student of martial arts. As of 2014, I am an 8th generation Hebei style Xingyiquan practitioner, student of Jackie Yao Wu Hu. Xingyiquan, loosely translated as “form-intension fist,” is one of the three Taoist soft-style (what does this mean?—define), internal martial arts—the other two being Baguazhang and… Continue reading Shen Ming

A Daily Workout Is A Daily Reward

Throughout my life, the reasons I’ve had for being physically active have evolved. Like most children, I was active to tame the little ball of energy within me. Play was a means of exploring the world around me and learning about it, so activities like climbing trees, soccer, tennis, or track and field came naturally.… Continue reading A Daily Workout Is A Daily Reward